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World Children's Fund Japan(WCF JAPAN) was approved as a non-profit organization under the NPO Act by
the Tokyo Metropolitan Govermment in June 2002. WFC Japan conducts variousactivities to extend assistance
to needy children throughout the world.


Innocent, poor children are always victims of adults' acts everywhere in the world
in any days: they aresuffering from wars which adults caused, and disasters which
adults brought about due to their ignorance. 

World Children's Fund Japan(WCF Japan) was established in June 1999 as a Japan
Office of World Children's Fund, international network of caring andsharing(chairman:
Dr Joseph Lam). Since then, WCF Japan has extended its assistance to these suffering
children as human beings live in the same world.

WCF Japan sent money to earthquake victims in Turkey,in 1999. In 2000, we donated
money to a program for thedevelopment/adaptation, production and dissemination of
tuberculosis control materials in Pakistan.
Since September 11,2001, we have collected money for refugees in Afghanistan. IN 2002, we are fund-raising for street-children in Columbi
and Thailand.
With the purpose of helping out of children who are suffering from poverty,lack of medical treatments,and unequal access education a much
as possible, WCF Japan has collected money through charity activities including charity parties and bazaar. New, we would link to conduct
projects to save children with a big amount of fund and on a regular base. For instance, we would like to donate to programs for the
development/adaptation, production and dissemination of tuberculosis control materials in only Pakistan but alsomany African countries.
We would like to give our scholarships to more children. We would like to offerassistance to street-children throughout the world.

To make them realize for the incorporation as a non-profit organization. In June 2002 we were authorized as OrganizationWorld Children's
Fund Japan by Tokyo Metropolitan government.

Objectives and Purposes

The purposes of the WCF Japan are to relieve poverty, distress and suffering of disadvantaged children, whose humanrights are in jeopardy,
to help children who are in need of medical care and education to obtain their needs;and tocontribute to the safe and healthy nurture of
children around the world, so that they live their lives fully enjoyingfundamental human rights;
and for that purpose:
(1) to offer assistance to disadvantaged children including food, shelter,foster families for those children and medicalcare;and
(2) to provide scholarship and assistance to build schools.


WCF Japan conducts the following activities:
(1)Promotion of health cars, medical care and welfare,;
(2)Promotion of social education;
(3)Preservation of the natural environment,
(4)Disaster relief,
(5)Regional safety,
(6)Protection of human rights and promotion of peace,
(7)International cooperation,and Healthy nurturing of children.
 WCF Japan conducts charity parties and photo exhibitions,sales of hand-made gift cards, charity concerts and bazaars,
and joint sponsoring of children's poster contests as revenue-generating activities.

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Private donations and contribution from corporate entities and various organizations are most welcome. When you have
charity activities, please contact us. We have also collection boxes to be placed in your offices/cashiers.

Send money to:
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Ichigaya branch
Tokutei-hieiri-katsudo-houjin Word children's Fund Japan
 Account number: 1196623

Post Office, Kojimachi branch
 Tokutei-hieiri-katsudo-hojin Worid children's Fund Japan
 Postal saving number: 10190-83593171
Non Profit Organization World Children's Fund Japan
2-12-15-1117, shimomaruko, oota-ku, Tokyo Japan 146-0092
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