NPO WCF Japan is currently sponsoring and supporting an Anima, Rescue Center (NPO Angels) to help find caring homes for abandoned pets.

There are over 200 dogs and cats rescued at the angeles Animal Shelter House in Shiga Prefecture, but chanllenges in placing these pets with a family before the end year. There is a sad fact that nearing holiday season, many more pets will be displaced due to varying levels of animal cruelty, and likely to be put to death if unable to be rescued in time. If we are able to secure homes for the pets at the shelter house (even taken into someonefs home temporarily during the Christmas and New Yearfs Holiday), the shelter will then be able to accommodate more pets that require immediate rescuing before taken to the hound to meet their deaths.

If you or your family/friends are able to extend a loving hand to these creatures, we would be able to save not all but a few more innocent souls that donft deserve the fate their forced to face.

Please note that the shellter house puppies and kittens, have all been vaccinated, checked for diseases and trained. Of course, if you are willing to adopt and care for the animals on a permanent basis, the better for their fate.

We are aware this is a busy time of the year, but any support from you or introduction to individuals who may be interested,
will held achieve saving the lives of these kittens and puppies.

We appreciae any form of extended help we will be able to receive.

Thank you and best regards,

Teruyo KAYO